Claim free BTT Airdrop on Bytrade

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Bytrade is offering some BTT coins for their app users. This is free money for you to claim.

Register on Bytrade and get 100 BTT and additional 300 BTT as Airdrop when you complect the KYC.


Claim free BTT Airdrop on Bytrade

Bytrade is a top cryptocurrency trading platform. They are currently offering each new users on their platform a total of 300 BTT Token when you register on their platform.

The BTT token is withdrawable and can also be swapped on their platform for Usdt.


How can I earn money on Bytrade?

How to earn more money with bytrade the free and paid way.

The Free Way:

• Referral

You can earn money freely on By trade by just referring other to join their platform and download their app.


The Paid Way To Earn

I’ll talk of just one now which is trading.

• Trading

You can earn by trading (buying and selling) on bytrade if you know how to trade cryptocurrency.



Steps to claim your free BTT Token on Bytrade.


1. Sign up / Register Here


2. Download Bytrade App

3. Confirm your email and receive your free 100 BTT coins.


4. Do KYC and receive 300 BTT coins more.

Invitation Code To Use: 582663


Don’t forget to post your earning screenshots here.


Claim your free BTT Airdrop on BYTRADE.

Claim free BTT Airdrop on Bytrade
My Bytrade earning Proof (All for free)





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