FMCPay is giving out 1000 FMC Airdrop [Don’t Miss this]

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FMCPay is giving away 1000 FMC for successful registration. Complete the tasks below to participate in the FMCPay AirDrop event.



FMCPay 1000 FMC Airdrop
Johnbosco’s earnings from FMCPay Airdrop


How to Get FMC Airdrop

Step 1: First visit the link FMCPay.

Step 2: Here you enter your login information (Username), email address and password.

Register for FMCPay to recive 1000 FMC Airdrop

Step 3: Next, open your registered email to receive a 6-digit verification code and fill out the registration page.

Email Authentication Register

Step 4: Check  Your FMCPay wallet for  your 1000 FMC reward

This is legit and paying.
You can earn more FCM token after registering by referring others too.

Note: Users need to complete Verification in order to receive 1000 FMC. To ensure security, every time we log in to FMCPay Floor, we must enter the verification code.


Sign up now to get 1000 FMC Token Airdrop

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