[Reviews] Is Mara Wallet Legit or Scam?

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Hi Comrades,

I’ve been seeing advertisements of some people’s on Facebook and WhatsApp talking about Mara wallet as an opportunity to make money online, i saw some screenshots of peoples payments proofs from Mara but still i want to confirm here to be know if it’s real and paying or not.

You’re honest feed backs will be appreciated.

Please comrades if you’ve earned from Mara wallet and you have the payment’s proofs I’ll like to see also.

Thank you.

Your fellow Comrade.

Comrade Edited question October 19, 2022

Talking about Mara wallet, I confirmed that Mara wallet is legit and indeed pays those that promote it.  I’ve some friends who got paid by Mara.

I’ll find some of their earnings screenshots and upload it here later.

From my finding, they pay weekly directly to your bank account, you won’t have to place withdrawal before they send your earnings to you.

Comrade Answered question October 18, 2022
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