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Dear Customer our Strimpay ATM virtual card is 100% used for online payment of goods and services on third party website when you activate your strimpay virtual from your settings.

1. You can buy bitcoin at ₦695/$ on binance with Strimpay ATM virtual card. Note that this rate might change.

2. Your Strimpay ATM virtual card 4 digit pin is a means of security for online transfer from your strimpay account to your bank account just like your commercial bank debit card pin you input before making transfer to other bank accounts.

3. You can buy products on jumia,Amazon and other local and international website with smooth transactions.

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4. Dear Customer, after ordering and binding your virtual card to your strimpay account,activate your virtual for smooth and fast online payment.

Strimpay money transfer is best for business. kindly click Accept to Continue.


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